If you’re looking to build a property or renovate an existing home, the process starts with finding the right builder. An experienced, trusted builder can make the difference between getting the work done as planned, on time and within budget, or facing delays, hidden expenses, and disruption.

One of the first decisions you will need to make is whether to choose a local builder or a national builder. National builders may be backed by larger resources but there are some qualities that only a local builder can bring to homeowners:

The personal touch

Local builders generally understand the lives, the personalities, and the requirements of the people they are dealing with. This helps them bring a personalised service to the project. Many local builders are independent, family-owned businesses that have fought hard to earn their reputation and they strive to maintain it through the personal touch in their service and high quality work.

More choice and flexibility

A local builder will often be more flexible with your choice of floor plans and the overall design of your home than a larger, national organisation. Independent builders can often allow you more input into the design process and to make changes to existing plans.

Better availability and communication

With local builders, the team building your house is normally located nearby and the company is often easier to communicate with than national builders. While national organisations may have local representatives, they are often busy servicing a large area with many clients; you may have a direct line to local builders, who will be more likely to be available when you need them. This makes the whole process of building a house less stressful and more enjoyable.

Better value

A big plus for homeowners is that local builders often provide cost savings. While national builders may get better rates with suppliers for some bulk products, local builders often get discounts based on the strength of their relationships with suppliers; they also spend less on marketing and are generally leaner organisations with lower overheads, so they can afford to charge less – without sacrificing quality. This all adds up to better value.

Support for the community

All else being equal, most people like to help their local community. Supporting a local builder by giving them your business can have knock-on benefits for the local neighbourhood in terms of employment opportunities and so on. Assuming that your local builder is fully qualified and licensed, with good experience in similar types of projects to yours and a good track record of completed jobs, then there are many advantages of ‘going local’.

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